Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You don’t know what love is
and you don’t know devotion
you only know the movie lines
and scripted pieces of emotion

You jump from mate to mate
we’re lined up like trophies on a shelf
but you won’t be able to find happiness
when you don’t even love yourself

I see you going through the motions
it’s the same exact thing you did with me
and she is too young to know the difference
but I am no longer so naïve

I always meant exactly what I said
you were reciting the lines that you read
I replay it like a horror movie in my head
Right up to the bitter end

I guess I was delusional
I set myself up to fall
and now I've picked up the pieces
of what you never loved at all

but I can't help but grimace
at the words I know you share
because she is young and innocent
and she really thinks you care.

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