Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Silver Castles

Silver Castles

Lets take my shattered dreams
And mix them with sand
To make mud pies
Then we can send
Our wishes on a star
And make pies in the sky

If dreams were reality
I’de be a millionaire
And we’d have a mansion
And not a worry or a care
So lets take my delusions
And build silver castles
In the sky and take this
Alternative reality for a ride

I’m building a dream canal
To take you on a cruise
My tears fill up the waterway
My delusions make the mood
Time is like an hour glass
Ticking in the sky
Reminding me of you
As the years pass by

So set the sails
The pies high in the sky
And time is a ticking
As we sit idly by
Not a moment should be
Wasted lets grab the
Wind in our hands
And finally become
the makers of the land.

For love is tricky
And fate is blind
And reality is an
Evil web lost in
A deluded sense of time.

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