Friday, October 22, 2010

First of all, HI! I just got back from Georgia and I missed you all! Second, I am so so so excited to announce that the short story that I have been posting here and on a fiction thread has now had over 530 reads in just two weeks! AH! I am considering actually making a go at being an author! How fun would that be?!!

Also, I wrote this during our seven hour drive home:

It's times like this
that drive me mad
my thoughts are racing
and I've got it bad

Sitting here driving
My thoughts, they roam
right back to you
and our once happy home

What's lost, what's gained
no ones to blame
when two people grow apart
and extinguish loves flame

The habits must be broken
and the friends you share are lost
belongings can be replaced
but the rest comes at a cost

The marks left are changing
and you just hope to learn
so that when you find your person
you don't get burned

So thank you for the lessons
I carry reminders of our time
and though I had to walk away
I think fondly of when you were mine.

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