Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bills Assistant Part 6

Here is part 6 of the fiction short story I am writing. Thanks for reading! My count was over 200 reads as of last night! I am so excited! Thank you again!!! I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Stay tuned for Part 7 :)

Part 6 continued...

"We are going to the Maldives."
"Um. What?" I was having an internal freak out. You want me in a bikini with you, the rock star god-like creature…shirtless??
Bill smiled and tossed his hair over his shoulder. He got a sing song sound in his voice as he stood up and flitted around the room organizing things he needed for the short trip he was surprising me with.
"Well, you have been so amazing these past few months. I felt that I needed to give you a bonus." He smiled as he applied lip gloss and smacked his lips. He went back to arranging songs on his pre-show playlist and continued bobbing his head.
My heart was hammering in my chest. I had somehow survived the tour. It had been six months of pure love struck torture. I had an amazing friendship developed with the twins, but I was still very much in love with Bill. The paparazzi had finally given up on pursuing me as Bill's love interest and had moved on to harassing Tom about the groupie sex he continued to indulge in.
I had started to worry as the tour wrapped up that we would part ways and I would never be able to secretly stare at his gorgeous face again. I assumed I would go back to working for Maggie and that would be it. Apparently however, we were going on vacation - together - in the incredibly beautiful and romantic Maldive Islands. Huh.
"Also, I have another surprise for you." He looked at me with a hyperactive twinkle in his eye.
"I don't even know what could be more of a surprise than going to the Maldives!" I just shook my head and smiled at him in disbelief. I couldn't help but think about how much he would regret this when he saw me in a bikini.
"When we return from the Maldives we are going on a two week wine and scenic tour of your home town." He was very proud of himself.
I was dying. My heart was swelling and all I wanted to do was kiss his perfect lips.
“Bill, I, this is – just amazing. Thank you so much. I can’t even believe you are doing so much for me! Thank you.” I looked down at the paperwork in my lap as I felt the tears welling up in my eyes.
“Oh no, no crying! This is supposed to make you happy!” Bill laughed as he slid over onto the couch I was sitting on and wrapped his long arms around me. I let my head fall against his chest and listened to the soft beating of his heart.
“I am pretty awesome, but please don’t cry!” Bill giggled as he tipped my chin up with his finger, forcing me to look him square in the eye.
His laughing eyes turned serious instantly as I returned his gaze. I stopped breathing. This was a heartfelt gift of appreciation from him, but to me, this was so much more. I was so in love with him and he had no idea how much I cherished the idea of spending more time with him.
“Thank you.” I looked into his eyes earnestly as I said it. I wanted him to know how much I appreciated his efforts.
“You’re welcome.” He mumbled. His features were softening. I felt the hyperness change into something I didn’t quite understand. Before I could decipher his emotion he stood up abruptly and walked to the closet.
“Well, I need to meet with Tom about some arrangements. I will see you tomorrow morning at the airport.” And then he was gone.
So how are you proposing? Tom was eagerly watching his twin pack for their vacation with Jessi.
I am not proposing you idiot. We’re all going on an innocent little vacation and then we are going on another little amazing adventure in the states. Bill smiled to himself at the thought of Jessi walking down the aisle, as his future wife.
Oh yeah? You aren’t proposing huh? Tom scoffed and shoved Bill’s shoulder gently. Then why was Alicia sent to look at rings yesterday??
“You just shush, if I want to give my assistant a ring I can give her a ring.” Bill smiled back at his mischievous twin.
Does that mean I get to stare at her as$ in a bikini? Cause that would be awesome. Tom raised his eyebrows twice and then winked at his brother. Bill promptly shoved his shoulder and rolled his eyes.
Ok, fine, I am going to propose. I know she is the one. I just hope she will say yes. This is completely unconventional! Bill started to frown as he worried about the likelihood of Jessi saying yes. He wasn’t sure he knew how she felt about him. He had scorned her six months ago.
You can’t possibly be worried. It is obvious that she is smitten with you. You are both lovesick saps walking around pining for each other all the time. It makes me sick. Frankly, we will all be happy when you are finally honest with each other and just have crazy makeout sessions all over the place. Tom was laughing as Bill shoved him off the edge of the bed.
Will you please shut up! That is my future wife you are talking about. Bill winked as he zipped his suitcase.

What Bill hadn’t planned on was Josh being in the Maldives as well. What will happen when Josh and Jessi run into each other after all this time? Will Bill go through with his plans to propose to Jessi? Will seeing Josh remind her of her love for him? Or will she stay true to Bill? Stay tuned to find out…

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