Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll be anything
and everything you've ever dreamed
just tell me what you want
and what you need me to be

but changing who you are
doesn't do a thing for me
because in the end
you're not the person I need

so be true to yourself
don't present a falsado
because I love your differences
and I need your bravado

I'm searching for a truth
that I cannot find
I research all you've said
but I'm still blind

and for the life of me
I'll never understand
why you made up a persona
because who you are isn't bland

so don't mold your answers
and don't play with me
honesty is the best perception
of who I want you to be

I'll take the blackness
I'll feed your disease
I'll take all that you are
if you'll give it to me

I'll drink your poison
and bathe in your wine
just as long as what
you feed me isn't another line

because who you are is beautiful
who you are is surreal
and when I glimpse your reality
is when I begin to truly feel.

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