Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bills Assistant Part IV

This is ridiculous. The last thing I need is an assistant, a female one at that. Not only will I have to worry about the media uproar about another woman on the team, but I am going to have to keep Tom from sleeping with her too.
Bill was carefully folding his laundry when Tom came in and thumped down on the bed. Bill didn't need to look up from the careful organization of his socks to know what he wanted.
"This is ridiculous." He sighed.
Tom just raised his eyebrows. Communication was rarely necessary anymore. Tom wasn't going to let Bill stay inside today and organize his tour bags for the third day in a row. They had an appointment with Maggie-the-record-beyo*ch-from-h3ll and they couldn't miss it. The company wanted them to have an assistant, one they had been training to send with them on tour for months. Word from the opening band was she was super hot and twice as shy. Which is why Tom wanted her for Bill. It was time for a woman in their lives. He was tired of listening to Bill preach about true love and hide away from girls in his hotel room. He knew what his brother yearned for and a female assistant was exactly the trick he needed. He would ensure they grew close if he had to lock them in the tour bus himself.
"Common little brother. it's time to go meet our new broad."
I don't want to. This is ridiculous.
"We don't have a choice remember? If we are going to take on more executive roles in the production of the tour then we need an assistant. So lets go." Tom gently touched Bills shoulder.
Slouching in defeat Bill threw a scarf around his shoulders and sauntered down stairs.
Tom wasn't disappointed by what he saw when he walked up to Jessi's desk. She was staring intently at her computer screen with a concentrated little furrow between her eyes. Wow did she have some eyes. Deep jade green hues were lined by dark lashes. She had small but pouty lips that were slightly swollen from her constant lip biting. Long copper hair tumbled down her back covering what looked like ample curves. Hard to tell since she was sitting down.
Tom could tell that Bill was just as aroused by her appearance as he was, and smiled as Bill cleared his throat.
"Um, excuse me?" Bill was using his soft voice. "Yes, I was just wondering how to find the bathroom?"
Really little brother? Where is the bathroom? I need to teach you how to hit on a woman.
I don't need your man-wh*re advice. I am not sleeping with my assistant!
Hahaha, famous last words!

Bill elbowed Tom before the girl stepped out from behind the counter. She had said something and he missed it because of his twinnish inner monologue. However, he did not miss her long shapely legs and fabulous a*s as she led him down the hallway. She had on some fierce Alexander McQueen shoes as well. The Mui Mui dress wasn't even released in stores yet. Hot and a sense of fashion. This girl spelled trouble already.
That is the hottest arse I have ever seen. Tom was already trying to push into his thoughts, but Bill ignored him.
"So what is your name?"
We already know her name you idiot. She has a name tag sitting on her perfectly rotund right breast. Tell me you at least noticed she had breasts?
You are making her uncomfortable. Stop looking at her like she is a piece of meat
"“Je-essi. Yea, my name is Jessi. Yours?” Bills heart stopped when she flashed a dazzling smile and blushed. She was staring intently at her feet.
“Oh. How nice. So you are twins then?” She was trying to make small talk, but Bill could tell she was uncomfortable. Her flaming cheeks gave her away.
Tom, you are scaring her. Stop looking at her cleavage!

“Yes, we are.” Bill was hoping a genuine smile would put her at ease.
“I am his older brother by ten minutes." If Bill had a euro for every time Tom mentioned this during introductions, they wouldn't have to produce any more records.
“Lucky you because it looks to me like your little brother is a foot taller." The blush was creeping back up her throat as she defiantly stared at Tom. Beauty and wit...this girl was already catching Bill's attention.
Bill looked down from the look he exchanged with Tom just in time to see the corner of her McQueen heel hook a loose thread in the rug, she fell right into his arms.
“Whoa there,” the sweet smell of her intoxicated his senses, “are you okay?”
See she is already putty in your arms
OMG please shut your face.

“I am so sorry! I tell you, they just don’t make shoes like they used too, ha.” She was the color of roses and all Bill could think about was how much he wanted to smooth the hair out of her face and drink in her perfumed skin.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to take you out.”
Should I tell her how much you loved it?
I won't think twice about throwing paint on your precious hats.

“No problem, um, are you new? I haven’t met you here before.” Bill was hoping she hadn't noticed him and Tom's internal discussions. It tended to freak people out.
“Yes, I am Maggie Wilbright’s new assistant. I just moved here from the U.S. and let me tell you it is so much colder here!” She was so cute when she smiled through her eyelashes.
“Oh wow, that must have been huge for you, what brought you all the way to Germany?” Bill instantly regretted asking this as pain flitted across her features.
“Well, uh, there were some things going on at home and I just have always wanted to come to Europe so when I found this job I jumped at the opportunity. It’s kind of hard being so far away from everyone I love and know though. So far however, I really like it here.” Were those tears in her eyes? What had he done...she was staring at her feet now. He had to make this better. He hated how the pain twisted her lovely features.
“Wow, well, if you would like I could show you around sometime. Maybe tonight? Where do you live?”
Dude. We haven't even met with Maggie yet. What are you doing? Bill ignored his twins internal chatter and waited for her answer.
“That would be so great, I haven’t met anyone and I really only know how to get from here to my house and the grocery store, ha, so yea, that would be so great, thank you.” When she smiled, her green eyes twinkled. It was like an earthy kaleidoscope of warmth.

“Where do you live?”

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