Friday, August 20, 2010

Lexington Farmers Market

Lexington has a secret. THEY HAVE THE WORLDS MOST AMAZING PRODUCE. Every Saturday in a pavilion in the center of downtown they have a farmers market. Underneath the soft shade of Lexington's trees, amidst the soft strums of local musicians, you will find homemade butter, tomatoes fresh from the vine, the best wildflower honey of all time, a cup of coffee to change your life with, and the magical workings of 'The Peach Lady.'

Don't forget about the FUNGI! NOM NOM NOM - this reminds me I have been wanting to make stuffed portabella mushrooms ... calling all feta cheese addicts!

The coffee they sell here, AW. MAH. GAWWWWD. If you do nothing else, you have to try the signature blend. This was the cup of coffee I was waiting for ALL OF MY LIFE. They infuse their beans with crack. I assure you, you will never forget this cup of coffee!

Trust me when I say THESE are THE BEST peaches you will EVER have in your life. Everyone in Fayette County KNOWS 'The Peach Lady.' She has a following. Her peaches are a religious experience, the juiciest, most flavorful piece of natures candy you will ever have! Trust me! I know these things!

The tomatoes. The peppers. The squash. THE PEACHES. The kettle korn. THE FRESH COFFEE (Signature blend - this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE). Who would have known this little mecca existed?

Find your local farmers market and share your experience with me. Buying local produce is a fabulous way to give back to your community, not to mention it tastes better!

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