Friday, July 9, 2010

Change is hard.


I found out two days ago that I got a full ride to the University of Kentucky for a PhD in Soil Science. I leave in two weeks. I found that out today. My life is a freaking tornado and I am just sitting in the vortex drooling. This song reminds me of a very special person that I am leaving behind. It breaks my heart and speaks to me all at the same time.
To know that I will be working towards my doctorate is to know that I am achieving a lifelong goal and I have no words to tell you how that makes me feel. I feel like the world is caving around me and that I am roping the moon at the same time. The quickness of it all is what is so terrifying. One moment I am making a new life in Southern California and two minutes later I am moving to the other side of the Country. Is it terrifying? Absolutely. Am I excited and honored at the opportunity? Oh yes, yes I am. Do I wish I could take my best friends and family with me? Absolutely. It is terrifying to think that I won't be back for three long years. This is the state I grew up in, but then again, this is going to a growing experience and the most amazing three years of my life.
I am going to be a Wildcat. I am going to be Dr. Ghezzi.

I am going to be a doctor!!!!

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