Friday, June 25, 2010

A conversation between besties.

This is the type of conversation my best friend and I have. We're deep thinkers.

me: Lady.
Sent at 9:28 AM on Friday
jacrudy: what.
Sent at 9:30 AM on Friday
me: Nothing, I just wanted to say Lady.
Though it was a toss up between Lady and WOMAN.
Cause I love calling you WOMAN.
It just makes me feel like we are married in a completely non-lesbian like way.
jacrudy: how can we be married in a non lesbian way?
me: This is JESSIES LAND
anything can happen.
jacrudy: you spelled your name wrong
me: I know.
I also forgot the apostrophy.
and then spelt that word wrong too.
You know what, you have been demoted. You can't be my non-lesbian wife anymore.

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