Monday, May 17, 2010

Just some thoughts.

Soldier of Love

There’s no going back
Only forward
I push through the haze
I fall through the wall
I land on my feet
Time and again.

The net of your love
Is nowhere to catch me
I stand alone
As independent as I can be.

I will build and rebuild
This structure I stand in
My life is a dream
And yet it’s so candid

The pain drowns me out
But I can stand it
I’m a soldier of love
A bearer of truth
The teller of stories
From near and from far
I grasp for the wisp of a dream
A fantasy
That I had to let go
Of you and me.

When all else had failed
I thought you would catch me
My safety net failed
And now there’s catastrophe

I am a soldier of love.
The bearer of peace.
On the wings of a dove
I sing like a sailor
Lost at sea
I search for what’s left
Of you and me.

-Jessi Ghezzi

It's not perfect yet. But this is the skeleton of one of the songs I am working on. You're going to start seeing a lot more of them. Sorry.

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