Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I want to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see by my excessive use of exclamation points that I am very excited to see this movie! Look at the cinematography (did I spell that right?)! Look at the sea life! Look at EVERYTHING! This is going to be so great (and I am officially a complete and total nature geek now, thanks)!

I thought you might need a break from my excessive postings on Lady GaGa. See, I couldn't even get through this post without mentioning her name. While I am at it, lets also mention the greatest band to ever live: Tokio Hotel. I am done now.

No I'm not.

I have to tell you a funny story. This story starts with a girl. I won't mention any names in order to protect her dignity (ahem, shifts uncomfortably). You see this GIRL, who may or may not have brown curly hair...just RECEIVED her Master's degree on Monday night (PARTY!!!!!!!). She then went to the gym on Tuesday, full of life and accomplishment, also the desire to be rail thin. Anyways. When she walked in the gym, everyone kept staring at her. She felt hot, on top of the world, educated. Clearly this was a sign from the universe that kharma was sending good things her way, and that maybe all this gym business was finally paying off and they were clearly all staring at her ass. It was at this point that a small child taped her on the elbow and she turned elegantly down and asked, "Yes, dear?" To which the golden and clearly admiring child said:

"Why do you have your sunglasses on?"

The end.

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