Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why these pictures and that smile?

I went for a hike with the boy and the dog today. WHY? Cause' we love nature...

I would love nature a lot more if it would make the trails less steep...

So there was this huge waterhole we had to crawl around to get back to the trail...and instead of scaling this rock wall like my boyfriend did, I decided to follow the dog across a beaver dam on the other side of the waterhole. Bad idea.

My darling boyfriend watched, laughed and took pictures the whole time, the weasel.

Oops. Found a hole in the dam. Don't you hate hiking in wet socks?

Uh, Grace is my middle name? Moral of the story kids: don't follow the dog.

Mmmm, creepy tree roots. I love it. I was waiting for a knome to pop out.

That's right...I found Alice's rabbit hole. BWAHAHAHAA.

Pretty cool, huh?

Seca went swimming for the 9,012th time.

This be the land of fairytales and fantasy creatures. :)

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