Saturday, February 6, 2010

So much has happened. Snot!

Well. Something CRAZY happened today, I woke up and I COULD TASTE THE RAINBOW. Not really, but I could breathe through one nostril and halfway taste my breakfast which leads me to believe that I am FEELING BETTER PEOPLE. WOO.

The world is about to get a WHOLE LOTTA JESSI.

Be excited.

FIRST OFF. My house is full of men. Not even kidding. There be men in my house! All of my boyfriends friends are here for the weekend, so that's exciting. Lots of burping, farting, inappropriate jokes and car talk. Woot! I'll be the one taking NYQUIL naps.

SPEAKING of Nyquil naps...I had the craziest dream last night! I dreamt that I visited my friends Mum's poodle salon but it was actually a poodle show and I was staring at all the poodle shampoo trying to get ideas for work. But I got lost cause the poodle show was like ten blocks long and I couldn't find my car and I ended up on the wrong end of the fairgrounds (how the heal* did I end up at the fair??) and almost got shot. It was bad news bears.

Anyways, lucky it was just a dream right? Drugs are bad kids, drugs are bad.

What else has happened while I was sick? Erm. Not much, just a lot of SNOT, really.

Well, here is an awesome photo of a small man that I found while googling "hawt car" cause I haven't posted about cars in a while:Huh. Bet you didn't see that one coming. :)

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