Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow and hamburger! What a post!

Woo! It rained at work and snowed at home! I could not possibly be happier!!

Okay, now for the meat of my post. Ha. Ha. Waaahahaha.

Lets make some dinner! First, cut up a little less than half an onion. White or red depending on your personal preference.

Start sautéing the onion in olive oil on low heat while you cut up two bell peppers. I prefer orange and yellow peppers because they are sweet and add a beautiful range of colors to the dish.

Start by cutting the top off the peppers and pulling out the inards. Next cut the bottom of and “fillet” the pepper so you can cut it into strips.

Remember, there are many ways to skin a cat, so just because I cut my peppers a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t cut them your own way.

Now mince a clove (or three depending on your preference for garlic) of garlic. It is easier to peel if you smash it with your chopping knife first.

Add the minced garlic and the peppers to the sautéing onions.

If you don't own a garlic mincer, go read someone elses blog, because you fail at life. ;-P

Add some diced tomatoes, I used canned ones for convenience. But remember, the more fresh stuff you use in your meals the better the taste. Ingredients will make or break your recipe!

Add in a lb of hamburger meat (fully defrosted in the refrigerator over two days).

Cook everything until the hamburger is done. Stir continuously.

When the meat is done, strain out the fat. I should also note that a healthier option is ground turkey. But really you should eat more red meat cause I grew up on a cattle ranch and therefore like to tell everyone EAT MORE BEEF.


Once the hamburger is done and strained cook some quick rice and add it to the mix.

Heat up tortillas and serve!

This is really really good with melted cheese on top. For a healthier version use whole wheat tortillas


Oh yea, add some sour cream for an orgasm in your mouth!

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