Monday, January 18, 2010

Erm. What he said.

You have no idea how long it took to actually get a photo like this. For weeks now the cat has been trying to snuggle with the dog, and by some strange coincidence it actually worked out that the dog snuggled with him first. And we were ready, with camera in hand. Or at least a phone camera. Anyways. Other than my fat hip and sexy two year old onesie pajamas this picture is awesome.

Came home to find some poor disabled bird in my backyard. There were 50 mph winds today and we think it may have gotten wacked by a branch or ran into something. Either way this poor kid is messed up. He seems paralyzed, which is heartbreaking, and me being the smuck I am, cannot bring myself to bash his head in and let him have his peace. Instead I have him in a damn cage in my bathroom with birdfeed and water.
The cat thinks this is such shit, by the way.
In better news, he is moving a little now...seems to be eating and drinking. Maybe I will wake up and find him perched in my damn closet and then my only problem in life will be how to get the fucker out of my house.

Let us hope.

What is it with me and saving freaking birds??? Did that damn duck spread the word or what? Okay, I can't find the link to the post where I talked about saving the duck...but fyi about a month ago we were walking along the lakeside with my retarded and lovely dog when we saw something flopping in the water. I thought it was a fish, so we stopped to watch and quickly realized it was a duck desperately trying to get to the surface. So I stuck a stick under him (hey, there might be monsters lurking nearby! No need to climb in and offer myself to them quite yet...) and when I realized there weren't monsters waiting to eat my fat ass I stepped into the nasty ass lake water and picked up the cutest duck ever. He was maybe the size of two hands and was all tangled up in a fishing line that some lazy bastard left behind. Anyways, we saved it's life and untangled it and it was on its happy way.

And apparently it told all the other birds if anything happens to you head to the suckers house. She can't kill a damn fly.


  1. You cussed 8 times in the blog. 9 if you count "bastard." You feelin ok?

  2. I only counted 7...I see nothing wrong with this...we are all adults here :)

  3. Besides you know I get passionate when I am telling bird stories...see the picture on the right...yea...