Friday, December 25, 2009

The Great Christmas Vacation of 2009...Holy Moly.

First off, how cute are these kids who were caroling at the mall? Yea I am a last minute shopper.

Okay, okay now for the story...

This year my parents are moving to Idaho. SO, I had to fly to Idaho, with my sister who isn't old enough to fly by herself (ha, ha) to see the parents. WOOT, traveling during the holidays with everyone else in the country...

Gotta love early morning flights! This hot mess could be coming to an airport near you!

Then there was the THREE HOUR BUS RIDE from the airport to BFE where my parents live...

I saw this on the way...this is how I knew I had made it to Idaho. Good lord, are these people for real?

Oh, and this was the coolest round about I have EVER seen. This is normally a bronze statue with a waterfall...but as you can see it's colder than a well diggers as$ in Idaho right now.

Nonetheless, it was still breathtakingly beautiful.

Enough so that the family had to stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROUND ABOUT, STOPPING TRAFFIC, and take a picture. This $hit would never fly in California.

I got a little of the tourist fever myself. Besides, I got cute boots for Christmas, and this was my opportunity to show them off.

As if I hadn't traveled enough, the parents decided we should all travel EVEN MORE to Yellowstone Park for a weekend snowmobiling trip. Despite the 3 hour car ride (OMG!!), it was beautiful!


I mean, wow. I am loving this scenery!

Despite the fact that I was stuck in a truck with my crazy a$s family, I mean amazing and fabulous blood relations...there were some amazing sights along the way!

I still wanted the hell out of the vehicle. At least my sister helped me stay sane...

...she helped save me from this little booger picker who wouldn't stop stealing my hat...and the incessant talking!!
"Hey Jessi..."
"Hey Jessi..."
"Did you know..."

As crazy as he makes me...I just love that cute little smile.


When we finally got there, the first thing we did was make snow angels. :)

Stay tuned for adventures in snow mobiling...

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