Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Ranch Sitting Escapades :D

This is the road to the magical and amazing Blue Oak Ranch, where I stayed for a week. Below is a photo documentary of my adventures with their livestock.

PS I am totally going to squat on a secluded acre somewhere so I can live here forever. I have never been so happy.

1) Behold the magic of gardening. The flowers in the lower left are used to die the wool they get from their sheep. The sunflower seeds are also used for the same purpose. On the right you can see the bloom from an elephant garlic bulb. I love gardens! They also have olive trees, which are not shown.

2) This is what a Llama looks like when they are preparing to spit on you.

3) This is exactly what a Llama looks like while the are spitting on you. Not that I would know. *cough * sputter*

4) This is what a Llama looks like post spitting. I personally think he is magnificent. At first I thought 'how ridiculous is it that Llamas would spit to defend themselves?' Then I realized when people get in bar fights...they tend to spit on each other. Go figure.

5) And now for my favorite part of ranch sitting. The sheep:

6) They stay huddled up as a group (called a flock) with their faces to the ground looking at you. When you feed them, they run as a group with their heads to the ground from flake to flake, scuttling sideways like a crab. Can someone please make a cartoon of this?

7) This is Enrico the Ram. He is such a stud muffin.

8) I forget this Ram's name, but he has four horns. According to Spanish folklore ram's with four horns such as this one were deamed devilish, so now this is an extremely rare trait and hard to find since it has been bred out of the breed.

9) Behold this rare and splendid specimen:

10) Now for some pictures from my home garden! Yay! Below is my very first EVER tomato bloom. Woot!

11) I love squash. I could LIVE in squash. Below is a bloom from one of my yellow crookneck squash plants:

12) This is a row of Heirloom tomato plants that the Blue Oak Ranch was nice enough to give me. Anyone want some tomatoes? In a few weeks I will be stock full of em'.

Thanks for reading :-)


  1. Jealous.

    Of it all.

    But especially the llama.

  2. PS If you want I can design your blog for you... I did Jac's and will probably re-working it because I don't like pink any more but I can do yours too if you want! :D

  3. Bria...the blog design is so beautiful. I love love love the lace. Thank you so so much!