Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Llama llama llama DUCK.

I am ranch sitting for my mentor who has llamas and sheep. If you didn't already know this, llama's hate canines (dogs) so people use them to guard their sheep. Like this:

WELL, in my stupidity I let the two dogs follow me down to the barn when I fed this morning. Neither dog could give a hoot about the livestock, they were busy drooling over the squirrel holes and peeing everywhere (God forbid they not mark that tree and this bush, etc., etc.). However, the llama's noticed the dogs RIGHT AWAY. Thankfully there was a fence separating them, but the male llama instantly starting his warning calls to the other llamas and the sheep (the sheep were busy running around in their herd formation acting silly, my goodness I love them). Then the male llama ran up the fence where I was observing them. He put his face about 6 inches from mine and made all these chittering upset noises, clearly telling me what an idiot I am for bringing these oh so dangerous canines near his flock...then he pinned his ears back, like this:
And clearly told me: YOU are now excommunicated from MY flock. Then he turned on his heels and stomped away. Not even kidding. Best experience of my life. I love llamas! Especially ones named Alamo. :D

These are actually alpacas...which I think are even cuter than llamas. :D

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  1. AAAAH! If I had zero responsibilities this week I would be visiting you ASAP. I'm so envious!!